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Selling E-books in the Public Domain and Making Money Thousands Online

Selling Ebooks in the Public Domain
Since 2013, Aaron Kerr made over $110,000 through this very ingenius idea to sell books that fall into the public domain on Amazon. Typically, these books were published prior to 1923 and are not subject to copyright law. Therefore, to resell them, you don't need anyone's permission. Think of many of the classics you had to read in high school as part of your literature class? The Odyessy, Frankenstein, Tom Sawyer, Pride and Prejudice and Sense and sensibility are some the classics that come to mind. Check out to find over 60,00 ebooks downloadable online that are in the public domain. Since these works are so old, they're accessible online for nothing – however numerous Amazon customers and Kindle customers will pay to have them digitally directed to their Kindle and will pay you for your trouble. Aaron Ker made thousands.  
The most popular platforms include the following:
  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Apple iBooks
  • Barnes and Noble Nook Press
  • Google Play
  • Kobo Writing Life
.A business idea where you can get your stock for no cost is truly a no brainer. Big Tip: You do have to make the books slightly different than the current book as it stands. You can do this in three ways:
  • Offer a unique translation. This means you translate the book into a different language. Don't use an online translation app or use a translation that is in the public domain.
  • Include unique annotations, such as literary critiques, study guides, detailed biographies or historical context.
  • Provide 10 or more unique illustrations that relate to the book.

To me, adding ten illustrations seems the easiest. Go to Fivver and find someone who will do the illustrations for you for a small fee. You also will need a cover for your e-book that someone on Fivver can do for you.

            Now, there are formatting information you will need and other details not included in this article to sell it on Amazon (i.e., uploading, pixel size of art, etc.), but you can go to a course that Aaron Kerr offers online that give you all the ins and outs. Check out a free sample of his course on the video below. I'll also place a link for Aaron's course which is $55.00. Your only limited by yourself as to what you can do, learn and earn. Make it happen.

           Here's also a link to a sample of Aarons course. Its 44 minutes of great information regarding the details of working with Amazon and other platforms once your ebook is read for uploading.

(Note: We have no affiliation with Aaron's course. We just thought it was such a killer idea to make money. )