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How To Start Your Online E-Commerce Business

How To Start Your Online E-Commerce Business





Starting Your E-Commerce Site

 Many affiliate marketers will tell you find a niche in an area that your passionate. Just be careful. While it's true you can make money in any niche, not all niches are create equal. If you just starting out, start in an area where it is a proven winner. The top three niches of Health, Wealth and Relationships. The niches are proven winners in Affiliate Marketing. There are many companies with great products that you can support and join their affiliate marketing programs. Do these three things in Affiliate marketing and you will find success and make money online.

  • Promote the products in the niches of Health, Wealth and Relationships
  •  Have at least a $20 profit margin in the products that you promote
  •  Keep you advertising costs low until you start generating sales. Use social media, seo blogging articles and create youtube videos to promote your product links.


 Start Your Affiliate Business

 Once you've decided on a Niche, find an Affiliate Program that promotes a product within your Niche.

 What Makes a Great Affiliate Program?

When you are looking at potential affiliate programs, you need to consider the following factors:

Conversion Rate

Is the product selling in high volume? Even if a product offers a high commission, you don’t want to waste your time promoting a product that people aren't buying. 


How much of a commission do affiliates receive? Find an affiliate program that gives a generous commission to their affiliates. Higher commissions mean less sales needed to make good money.

Quality of the Merchant’s Product Page

How does the landing page compare to the competition? If the product page is of poor quality, people may not want to purchase from a company that doesn't make a good presentation. Don't let the traffic you generate go to waste . You want to be rewarded with conversions and commission for your efforts.


Are there lots of competing merchants in the niche? A competitive market signals there is significant consumer demand for the product or service.

Search Volume

How many people are searching for the product or related keywords on Google? The higher the search volume, the more traffic you can drive to your affiliate links, and the more money you can earn. 

The Company's Reputation 

Does the product have favorable reviews? You don’t want to promote inferior products to your audience and damage your reputation.

The ultimate Question: Would You Buy the Product Yourself?

If you wouldn’t spend your hard-earned money on the product, think twice before recommending it to your audience.

An experienced affiliate marketer evaluates all these factors when deciding whether to promote a product or service.

Here are some of the best Affiliate Programs to Explore:


  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Target
  • ClickBank
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Shareasale
  • Giddyup
  • MarketHealth
  • Murad
  • BoatBookings Yacht
  • TripAdvisor
  • HubSpot
  • ConvertKit
  • Leadpages
  • GetResponse
  • SEMRush
  • Fiverr
  • Unbounce
  • Constant Contact
  • Typeform
  • ClickFunnels

 Remember, theses affiliate programs are just a starting point. Google and research the internet for more high paying commission affiliate programs.


How To Start Your E-Commerce Business

What's is going to cost to start your online business? Is it going to cost me hundreds or even thousands of dollars right at the start? The answer kind of depends on what type of online business you choose. If your doing Affiliate Marketing, the reality is, there can be no cost to start at all. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can start today. Placing your links on certain forums can get you sales. Here is a link that shows you how one person has successfully done this. Through Affiliate Marketing you are essentially selling other peoples products through a tracking link they provide and then you receive a commission. Here's quick rundown from a guy on TikTok who breaks down fairly quickly affiliate marketing and he shows you how does it. Click Here. But, if you want really make money online, you are going to have spend some money for a domain name, web hosting and building a website. Consider these all as investments in yourself and your business. However, you can realistically keep costs down by choosing the right hosting plans and website builder. We have recommended some great companies to host and build websites like Bluehost and WP Engines ( check out their StudioPress Homepage). 

Both have low entry price points for starting out and provide stellar service. The next section will provide more information on pricing and plans. Check out our article on besting hosting sites on the homepage. 



How To Start Your Online Business

If your creating a website for your business to sell products, then the cost may be a little more. The good news is, you may be able to do it for under $250, maybe less. Consider this when picking who hosts and builds your website. A quality, one stop company that does all should be considered. Web Hosting (space where your website lives), a Domain Name and the actual website creation can all be done through one company. Choose wisely here. Picking the wrong company will only cause frustration, loss of motivation and probably loss of some cash when you change to a better company. Pick the right one, and your one your way to an successful online website. We like two companies in particular. The first is Bluehost. At Bluehost you can find a domain name, a web hosting plan and WordPress templates for a professional e-commerce site. Hosting plans start around $6.95 a month. Domain names and SSL certificates (these show the world your site is secure) are included for free and with no other bells or whistles, depending on whether you choose the 12 month, 24 month or 36 month plan (all paid up front), your starter costs are between $175 and $250. Not a bad start to your professional online business journey. Also, you get a WordPress Theme website installed and a free site up call to assist you. Add in the fact that their support service reputation is absolutely world class and you've made a great business decision. 


BlueHost Theme Plans



WP Engine For Your Website Needs

WP Engine can also prove one stop shopping for your Online E-Commerce Website setup keeps costs down. With 140,000 + customers in 40 countries, WP Engine is the host company of many online businesses. WP Engine offers the best WordPress Hosting and developer experience on a proven, reliable architecture that delivers unparalleled speed, scalability, and security for your sites.

Get 3 months free when you sign up for WP Engine.

WP Engine has stellar customer service and Hosting and can get you up and running quickly with their WordPress Websites.

Cost? Their startup plan, with no bells and whistles, you get a Website and SSL security and you get to pay monthly if you wish. That helps considerably if you want to keep costs down for an initial start-up. You could get your business up and running for around $30.00 with the potential to make thousands. Take a look at the plans below:


 WP Engine StartUp Plans


Start Your Online Commerce

 A logo represents your company, who you are and what you stand for in the marketplace. Think of it as the personality of your company. Ever met someone with no personality. Well, this is why you need a logo. You can have one made on Fivver. There are many developerson Fivver who can help you in building a great logo. This is the first step in branding your company. Need some more  reasons for investing in a company logo?

  • First Impressions can Make or Break Your Business
  • It Gets You Recognized
  • Fosters Brand Loyalty
  • Builds Trust in Your Business
  • Proof of Your Professionalism
  • Reveals Your Identity
  • Creates an Emotional Connection 
  • Raises Expections

All good reasons for getting a personality for your business. Get a Logo. It's worth the investment.

 Here's a few companies to checkout in looking for the right logo for your company.      

             Tailor Brands Logo Company       Smashing Logo             



Build Your Online Business

 Promote Your links. Marketing Your E-Commerce Site 

This is the Heart of a successful Online Business. Thousands of books have been written on this subject alone. So, to put it in a paragraph or two here and say go " do it" is disingenuous and not helpful. But this it, this is the business of making money online. 

Remember, the Internet is a incredible tool.  Social Media, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Youtube and others are all great methods of getting Traffic to your site. Million Dollar companies have been built on Instagram accounts alone. Not really well versed in those platforms. Until you get well versed in those platforms, hire freelancers who can show you the way. Fees can range from $5 to $100 or more. Go to Research freelancers who can assist you in posting your link the right way to those platforms or giving you a shoutout on their own sites for a fee.  


Spend a little and your site gets exposed to thousands of potential customers. Build a base by starting your own Instagram and post consistently. Putting your business in front of thousands of people everyday builds a brand that gets you noticed. If you want to spend a little money, you can always get paid traffic through Google Adwords, Facebook ads or or Snapchat.


.Collrct Customer Emails

Start Collecting Visitors Email 

Start Build a mailing list on your website.  Capturing emails of visitors to your site builds a list of people you can make sales to in the future. A mailing list is a tangible asset of your company of potential customers that share an interest in the products you are marketing. These are the people who you can consistently reach out to and provide a market a product they showed iinterest in before. Take a look at a company called Aweber. The have a click and build system where you can set up a pop-up on your website that asks visitor for their email.

Consider giving a free lead magnet or gift, like a free e-book, in exchange for their email. 




  AWeber has over 20 years of proven success helping more than one million customers around the world reliably connect with their prospects and customers through powerfully-simple email marketing software.


Start Your Online Business

 One of the best ways to get traffic to your site is really simple. Provide Value to your visitors. Each time they visit your site have new and fresh content that revolve around your niche and affiliate products. Give them a reason to return and make them look forward to the content you provide. Make sure your content is rich with keywords surrounding your niche and product for Google to seek to promote your content to readers looking for that kind of information. Here are some great reasons to build great content for your site.

  •  Interesting Content builds customer relationships
  •  Content that gives value gives you credibility and authority
  • Great Content positions your company as an industry authority
  • Good content informs, persuades and leads to conversions
  • Good Content continues to show up in searches long after they are written and published

Keep writing and adding content to your website. Hire a freelancer through Fivver or Upwork or other freelancer sites to help you out when you are busy. Be consist and publish regularly. This will all pay off for you in your E-Commerce Online Marketing Journey.