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Five Great Side Hustle Ideas

Making Money Online

Making Money online takes skill and hard work. If it didn't, everyone would be crushing it. But if you focus on something you know about, put in some hard work, you can accomplish online money making success. Here are some ideas to get you started.


If you have knowledge about a certain subject that you can teach other people, then you have the needed foundation for writing an good E-book. E-books don't have to immensely long to be profitable. Some great ebooks have been 25 pages or less, often filled with charts and infographs. The important thing in writing an ebook is to make sure it gives value. Whether you give it away, or sell it on Amazon Kindle, if it doesn't help people, it won't bring you much money for your effort. If you have a great idea for an eBook, but not sure exactly how to create one, there are many different apps out there to help you. Check out for a website that makes creating a ebook super simple. Designrr creates eBooks in minutes and provides over 100 project templates, 720 Google Fonts, unlimited copyright Free Images. If you already have a website, it can pull your content off the page and create an eBook in minutes. Pretty cool. 




Ebay has been around since nearly the start of the online boom. Selling items on eBay can be very profitable if you know how to do it. Simple ideas can turn a quick buck. One guy turned $200 into $400 by looking for and finding a two for one bargain on a pair of much wanted sneakers and selling the second pair on Ebay. Quick and profitable. Consider going to thrift shops and retailers like Walmart and seeing what bargains you can get and turn around for a profit. People do this everyday. One reseller, who has more that 52,000 youtube subscribers filmed his buying binge through 17 different Walmarts. He filled his trunk with182 monopoly games and flipped most of them in one night for $2500.00.  Now that's hustling.

3.  Become a Virtual English Tutor to Chinese Children

If you have a bachelors degree, and have a good command of the English language, you can tutor children across the world and earn $15 -$22 an hour. Here's a few things you can expect before you start.

  • Participate in a one-on-one interview with a VIPKid recruiter or record yourself teaching a demo lesson so a recruiter can evaluate you.
  • Take the introduction to teaching, where you’ll review slides and watch videos to learn about VIPKid technology, standards, and curriculum.
  • Perform a mock class using what you learned in the teacher training. This will be with a current VIPKid teacher and can be taken multiple times.
  • Sign your contract, upload some documents, complete a background check and you’re a full-fledged VIPKid teacher.

Choose your own hours that you wish to teach. A six month minimum commitment required. If you have a computer and internet connection, you can start teaching within days of being approved. Refer other people to the program and receive a referral bonus 0f $100 as well.

Checkout VIPKIDS and start your virtual teaching this week!

4.   Start Driving For Uber

Okay, this is going to be a different take on this side hustle. Uber is certainly great for choosing your own schedule, and driving your own car to make money. You can earn a great side income to supplement the bills. However, a little known program available to Uber drivers only, is their Uber driver referral program. You can earn some serious money with this program. Uber pays out somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 for a driver referral depending on the city (paid to both the referrer and the referee)! I can’t think of a better example of a brand putting their money where their mouth is. Uber could tell new drivers how lucrative it is to drive for them or they could just show them with a signing bonus that lives up to the brand promise. Consider driving for Uber as well as promoting Uber as a great gig to drive.

5. Start a T-Shirt Business on Etsy

Open an account on Etsy. Check out google for any trending slogans or sayings. Go to T-Spring. Open an account. You can do mocks ups for Hoodies and T-shirts without buying inventory. Advertise your products on your Etsy store. You simply print on demand when someone purchases one of your products and T-Spring takes care of shipping to the buyer. T-Spring keeps a percentage and the rest goes to you. Etsy is a great platform for this model because they bring in loads of traffic every day and your products will be seen. This T-shirt has sold 8,795 times. Even if the sellers percentage with T-Spring is 50/50, keeping $10.00 per shirt, the seller has made $87,950 just on this shirt alone. Impressive.